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Wooden Rainmaker

Sale price$59.95 AUD

This wooden rainmaker is a musical instrument that imitates the sound of rainfall. The rainmaker is held vertically and gently tilted back and forth, causing the objects inside to fall through the tube and create a sound that resembles the patter of raindrops. This is the perfect toy for those curious thinkers!

In addition to being a musical instrument, the wooden rainmaker is also a popular sensory toy for young children. The sound of the falling objects can be calming and soothing, making it a useful tool for promoting relaxation and sensory development. Children can also learn about cause and effect as they tilt the rainmaker back and forth.

Approx dimensions: 25x12x12cms. Weight: 0.5kgs.


Wooden Rainmaker
Wooden Rainmaker Sale price$59.95 AUD