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Soft Toys / Comforters / Fabric Rattles

Soft Toys / Comforters / Fabric Rattles

Our carefully selected range of baby comforters, soft toys and soft fabric rattles perfect for gifting. 

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Aria Dancer MouseAria Dancer Mouse
Jiggle & Giggle
Aria Dancer Mouse Sale price$44.95 AUD
Olive Princess MouseOlive Princess Mouse
Grace Princess MouseGrace Princess Mouse
Ava Mouse ComforterAva Mouse Comforter
Cuddle Bear Soft Toy | LuluCuddle Bear Soft Toy | Lulu
Sheep Plush ComforterSheep Plush Comforter
Huey The Bunny Soft ToyHuey The Bunny Soft Toy
Sold outZoey The Bunny Soft ToyZoey The Bunny Soft Toy
Farm Fun Dummy Clips | 4 DesignsFarm Fun Dummy Clips | 4 Designs
Sold outPlush Bunny Rattle | GreyPlush Bunny Rattle | Grey
Plush Bunny Rattle | Pink
Aurora Ocean Rattles | Assorted DesignAurora Ocean Rattles | Assorted Design
Myrtle Mouse Soft ToyMyrtle Mouse Soft Toy
Dorothy Mouse Soft ToyDorothy Mouse Soft Toy
Plush Bunny Rattle | GreenPlush Bunny Rattle | Green
Plush Bunny Rattle | Taupe
Cream Bunny SmallCream Bunny Small
Jiggle & Giggle
Cream Bunny Small Sale price$34.95 AUD
Sold outBunny Soft Toy Small | SageBunny Soft Toy Small | Sage
Bunny Soft Toy Small | BeigeBunny Soft Toy Small | Beige
Bunny Soft Toy Small | PinkBunny Soft Toy Small | Pink
Bunny Soft Toy Small | GreyBunny Soft Toy Small | Grey
Polly Sheep Soft ToyPolly Sheep Soft Toy
Stanley Sheep Soft ToyStanley Sheep Soft Toy
Grey Bear Plush Night LightGrey Bear Plush Night Light
Bunny Soft Toy Small | LilacBunny Soft Toy Small | Lilac
Sold outBunny Soft Toy Small | Pale BlueBunny Soft Toy Small | Pale Blue
Sold outBunny Dummy Clip | Lilac
Bunny Dummy Clip | Beige
Jellycat Bashful Bunny | Medium  | Hot PinkJellycat Bashful Bunny | Medium  | Hot Pink
Jellycat Bashful Bunny | Medium  | FudgeJellycat Bashful Bunny | Medium  | Fudge
Jellycat Medium Bashful | Lion
Jellycat Medium Bashful | PonyJellycat Medium Bashful | Pony
Jellycat Bashful Bunny | Small | SunshineJellycat Bashful Bunny | Small | Sunshine
Jellycat Bashful Bunny | Small | Forest
Jellycat Bashful Small | PonyJellycat Bashful Small | Pony
Jellycat Bashful Blossom Bunny Comforter | Bea BeigeJellycat Bashful Blossom Bunny Comforter | Bea Beige
Jellycat Bashful Bunny Comforter | BlueJellycat Bashful Bunny Comforter | Blue
Jellycat Bashful Bunny | Medium  | TulipJellycat Bashful Bunny | Medium  | Tulip
Jellycat Bashful Bunny | Small | BlushJellycat Bashful Bunny | Small | Blush
Jellycat Odyssey Octopus | LittleJellycat Odyssey Octopus | Little
Jellycat Musical Pull | Bartholomew BearJellycat Musical Pull | Bartholomew Bear