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Mini Explorers Creative Box l Farm

$31.00 USD

MOOOOOve quick our 2-4 year old Mini Explorers are going to go BABABananas with this Farm Creative Box that is bales of fun! 

Our farm box includes a wooden farm lacing numeracy toy set, a super cute scoop and pour sensory play activity where children will feed their farm animals wheat using a wooden scoop into different shapes and lots of other fun and stimulating toddler activities to explore, learn and create with. 


- Pigs in the Mud Activity Kit

- Tractor Farm Harvest Activity Kit

- Scoop and Pour Farm Feeding Sensory Play Kit 

- Wooden Farm Lacing Toy Set

- Dingle Dangle Scarecrow Craft Kit 

- Woolly Lamb Craft Kit 

- Brush and Glue Kit

- Paint Kit

- Creative Content and Instruction Book 

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