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Mini Explorers Creative Box l Zoo

$47.95 AUD

Inspire those 2 to 4 year old mini explorers through Imaginative Play and story time delivered in a colourful crate in this Zoo animal inspired Creative Box! 

Bring story time to life inspired by one of our favourite children's story books ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Cambell.  

Toddlers are going to love story sequencing using their coloured zoo crates to sort their  animals as well as sequence them in number and story sequence order. Toddlers will enjoy retelling the story in a fun hands-on way as they use the open ended materials. 


- Zoo Story Play Activity Kit (including cardboard crates and foam animal set)

- Felt Frog Game Play Kit

- Zoo Truck Sort Activity Kit

- Giraffe Puppet Craft Activity Kit

- Elephant Puppet Craft Activity Kit

- Brush and Glue Set

- Creative Content and Instruction Booklet

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