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Mini Creative Kit l Human Body

$21.00 USD

Get ready to discover the Human Body from inside to out with our sustainable 3 activity Mini Creative Kit

Learn about the amazing human body and its functions with some fun and interactive hands-on activities including STEAM.
This box is packed with 3 STEAM activity kits inside and comes complete with everything you need. This box will inspire creativity in children while giving them screen free creative hands on fun and learning along the way. 
The Little Learners Human Body Mini Creative Kit will get our 4 to 7 year old little learners thinking about their organs, skeleton, and how their body works with their very own Dancing Skeleton.


- STEAM Robotic Hand Activity Kit

- Dancing Skeleton Activity Kit

-  Human Body Plasticine Mats Activity Kit

- Brush and glue Set

- Creative Content and Instruction Booklet 

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